PAX Presents Elastic Bond

| 04/07/2012 |

FrecuenciaNatural2 300x300 PAX Presents Elastic Bond

The connection comes when you turn it up, and you’re transported to a funky, soulful, urban island in the middle of paradise. Miami-based group Elastic Bond mixes traditional Latin, Soul and Afro grooves, with modern electronic sounds. With a solid foundation of organic songwriting, melodic vocals and good vibes, Elastic Bond delivers music even your mom would like. Venezuelan producer Andres Ponce and Honduran singer-songwriter Sofy Encanto formed the band in 2006, and soon after guitarist Buffalo Brown and trumpet player David Burgos joined forces to expand its unique sound. Their latest release “Frecuencia Natural EP” solidifies Elastic Bond’s inventive fusion of styles that enchants listeners as diverse as the city they call home.

DATE: Saturday, 04/07/2012
TIME: 09:00 pm -
LOCATION: 337 S.W. 8th Street, Miami
CONTACT: (305) 640-5847


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