Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is now Most Viewed Youtube Video

| 04/17/2010 |

I went to a New Tech Community meeting last week in Boca Raton. I casually listened to that night’s presentation on social media which had great highlights and pointers. My ears perked and I definitely sat forward in my chair when the presenter mentioned Lady Gaga. What is Lady Gaga doing up on the projection screen?? Well I learned my new factoid of the week which I happily told some of my closer friends. None of them knew that Lady Gaga had hit big on YouTube with 180 million views. And everyday that number just keeps on growing. See the video below!

There was the “Evolution of Dance” video that had the top spot for quite some time. Then I read about “Charlie Bit My Finger”. Both of these are funny comical videos. Lady Gaga isn’t funny or comical. There is that bold creative genius though that has to be admired.

It took over two years for “Charlie Bit My Finger” to earn the title of “Most Viewed”. Lady Gaga succeeded in getting the top spot in only a few months, the video was uploaded in November 2009.

I am a fan, but if I had not gone to a technology meeting I would not have known about her hitting #1. Seems like that number of views keeps growing by the day. Probably because the reputation keeps propelling the video forward. So I thought I would share this little bit of trivia with the Go Live Miami readers and with her Little Monsters…

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