Revenge “Served Cold” Art Show 5/15/10

| 05/14/2010 |

Served Cold  Revenge Served Cold Art Show 5/15/10

Miami Artist Aleloop says:

“… a pretty weird theme for my art: Revenge, “Served Cold” is opening this Saturday. What I like about this show, is that it made me find the Dark Side of my characters. I didn’t think they had one before, but it turns out thanks to Pink Ghost, they do and it’s a funny dark side that I’m incorporating also in an animated comic I’m working on with my characters. Usually my characters are just pure Happiness, showing the beauty of what’s inside of us. Revenge is usually a ‘bad’ thing, but in this case it bad, but not so bad. In this picture above, I had just finished these three paintings, so they are unframed. I did them on 9×12 canvases in acrylic painting. But framed they are 11×14.

Other great artists in the show are: Brigitte Coovert, Miss Led, SOMA, Helena García, Jason Snyder, Dennise Rodriguez, Heidi Elise Wirz, Eliza Frye, Miss Kika, Patrick Fatica, Aleloop, Danny Brito, Piktorama, Rudy Fig, Kat Reeder, Japanda, Steff Bomb, Justin Wallis and Matylda McIlvenny. Can’t wait to meet everyone!! At the show, I’ll be shooting videos for my art blog with each artist attending show talking their pieces. So stay alert for when I post those new videos.

So these three acrylic paintings are the “black sheep”, and they will be showing until mid June, opening Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 7PM. So if you are in the area come to celebrate the Dark Side with us and eat Argentinean BBQ after the show!”
Pink Ghost 1888 Polk St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 7PM

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